Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Will the real Maoris please stand up...

Having seen Avatar with 4 mischievious Tamafreekis, I'm bemused at claims of
Maori reo being a component of the Navi's lingo. Maybe, but again the question is begged: so what?! At least Hana O'regan showed an intelligent magnanimity over this appropriation. Not like Doc Taonui and his media releases on cultural insensitivity and disrespect.

Hmmm...now Maori academics have, of course, based their careers on an 'insider-status' for commentating and utilising Maori concepts and imagery. Doc Taonui is thus only one in a lengthening line of Brown nomenklatura making the most of and reinforcing gradations of Maoriness.

Excellent promotion for Taonui's struggling department, now advertising for not one, not two but five positions! Hey, at least the lucky new employees will have the benefit of a senior Maori academic for mentaling, sorry I meant mentoring...

As an update, love this putdown ...by David Rankin of Nga Puhi pointing out Rawiri's isolation.

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