Friday, May 04, 2012

Speaking of Maori on the GC, did the Aussie economy just crash?!

While sensitised to how Ngati Kangaru rangatahi are being portrayed in the media, more serious concerns are afoot. The latest Australian Industry Group Performance of Services (PSI) - a seasonally adjusted composite Aussie index based on sales, orders and new business, deliveries, inventories and employment - seems to have dropped off a cliff...

It's been a constant refrain of mine that the Maori economy as represented by Maori at the micro-scale is overly reliant on the Australian economy (this is the subtext of the GC), particularly for rangatahi and pakeke.

So I suggest we need a GC2: whanau on the Gold Coast, and follow those kaumatua who wish to engage on such a project. Australia is an amazing whenua, admit it! Most of us will have travelled their, and many have worked, others are now raising mokopuna there.

What are their experiences?

To change it up a little, how about no contracts, just manaakitanga, koha, and korero.

And kanohi-ki-te-kanohi.

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