Thursday, December 08, 2011

Urbanising Indigenous communities...

Just found this text by Fabiana Del Popolo, Ana Maria Oyarce, Bruno Ribotta, and Rodriguez Jorge (2007). I'm interested in how urban Indigenous communities are subject to new and emerging hazards. Most obviously this interest has come from the recent (and ongoing!) earthquakes in Christchurch but there are ever increasing and interacting forces that subject our communities to ongoing risk, exacerbated by racism and economic marginalisation. While Indigenous ecological knowledge is increasingly acknowledged and accepted in environmental management ( see e.g., Allen, Will, Jamie M. Ataria, J. Marina Apgar, G. Harmsworth, and Louis A. Tremblay. 2009. Kia pono te mahi putaiao - doing science in the right spirit. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 39 (4):239-242). Māori are now largely an urban people, drawn from rural New Zealand in the 1960s primarily as a low-skilled manufacturing and industrial workforce but now diversifying individually and collectively both in Aotearoa/New Zealand and overseas. Cityscapes expose all their citizens to new and emerging hazards to which marginalised groups are more exposed.

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