Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Whare tapu, reports, bankers, and CERA

How did it all come to this.

St Paul's Institute, a house of holy research, has in it's infinite splenirtude decided not to publish the results of a survey on a round 500 City of London finance workers, which was due to be revealed 27 October. Forget not that the venerable steps of St Paul's are under siege from protestors of the 'Occupy London Stock Exchange' persuasion.

So a report saying that many bankers are indeed wankers is somehow verboten.

See what combatants in the war offices say herehere, and here. In Dunedin, venerable place that it is, has its own occupation which is perhaps about to be struck down...

Closer to the bone,  actors behind the scenes seek to suppress debate on the fate of the Christchurch Cathedral have moved into the public realm, as things will.

Like the Prime Minister himself sez, we live in dynamic times. In the first televised leaders debate between PM John Key and Leader of the Opposition, Phil Goff. When Goff called the PM a liar for saying (when he was in opposition) he wouldn't increase GST (Goods and Services tax, like VAT, a tax on consumption), the moderator followed up:

Guyon Espiner: "Is it okay for politicians to bend the truth?"
John Key: "Well, we live in a dynamic environment, so of course things change."
Of course, we're alright Tiaki...seems Maori are not just enduring troubled times, we're set to thrive and help the rest of the world sustain itself. Unfortunately, commodity prices have taken the (predictable) dive. [Oh, this hits Mozztralia too, remember, the place we can all go when we want to have a job). Current discourse has us brown/cafe au lait Maori, somehow surviving...

"Maori has this middle class that's truly developed. It's well educated and it knows how to grow, make money and look after its own."

Maybe, or rather, I bleeding well hope say. As one of the Maori middle-class, I'm broke without being poor, a morally ambiguous position I'd love to get use to.

How on earth can anyone hope to be honest in such a place, in such a time. Why on Earth be honest.

How and why indeed.

And to prove I maintain my sense of humour, at least with links, cut and paste, and plagiarism:

If Europe were heaven...
The Swiss would be the administrators,
The Italians would be the lovers,
The French would be the cooks,
The British would be the Police,
and The Germans would be the Engineers.
If Europe were Hell...
The Swiss would be the lovers,
The Italians would be the administrators,
The French would be the Engineers,
The British would be the cooks,
and The Germans would be the Police

And go on, check out these maps of Europe. At least scroll to the bottom and check out 'Europe according to Berlusconi'... hang on, save your finger the click...

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