Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What would we know, we only live here...

Attempts to devolve control of local environments to the people who breathe the air and drink the water in the locality continue to trip on assumptions and assertions of superior knowledge. Dig this from Corporate Lap Dog Number 27...

"Local communities generally do not have the expertise on issues about pesticides to make responsible decisions," said Allen James, president of Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment, a pesticide-industry lobbying group.

(article in full here)

There's been no more from NZ councils and regional authorities on the little matter of pesticide remnants under our backyards. I posted a wee spiel about this earlier. Personally, I'm more concerned about large trucks careening around my 'hood (as I've posted before, me and my whanau live in an industrial zone. I'm told it's better than the suburbs...).

Will soon be at the New Zealand University Students Association conference in Wellington. I'm this years Post Graduate Officer at Lincoln University. Big conf this year, election year, so we are to be lobbied, I presume, although not wined and dined in the true tradition. That, my poppets, will have to wait for graduation...

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