Wednesday, December 22, 2004

is you is or is you ain't my pesticide-soaked frontlawn...

Seems that Regional Councils are not, as the cheaper legal advice had thought, required to notify of possible chemical hazards on property documents (Land Information Memoranda or LIMs reports).
(see Scoop article here .

When I was back in the Bay the locale was Lyndhurst, somewhere near Havelock North me thinks (home to the most cited Maori writer, Alan Duff)...there'll be others of course (or though perhaps none to rival the -glow-in-the-dark Mapua site). Of course the presence or absense of certain 'things' - marauding Danes, mosquitoes, African-Americans, heavy traffic, brothels, very old dead people, organochloro-compounds - severely devalues property or at the very least requires hardcore bureaucratic combat. Although afflicted property-owners take the obvious action - suppress information that would devalue their investment - is the resultant risk to future owners (and it must be a risk or why the concern?) an infringement of their rights? While acknowledging that anxiety and a simmering anger seems evident in a lot of participants in environmental social movements
(...check this dismisal the mere risk to an investment is surely market information that must be freely available to all economic players?!

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