Saturday, August 05, 2017

Dreaming Canada...


Now that I've said I can't be arsed keeping this blog updated, awesome things keep happening.

So, last night we promenade along Broadway, at the Fringe Festival, is one is wont to do, and we pass by the sound check for Dreamwatchers so make a point of catching their show. Awesome, as we say.

Then the next day. on campus, I call in to the Gordon Oakes Aboriginal Student Centre and here's Dreamcatchers getting a tour. And one of the young women talks to Willa and tells her to live her dreams, and how the Creator has put in place the people and things she needs to achieve those dreams.

She gives the news that a group she is involved with, Indigenous Climate Action, have been won a prize - the Lush Award - for their work.

All of which is quite inspiring.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Maori unemployment UP...

Doesn't seem to be featuring in mainstream media coverage but Maori unemployment is UP in a climate of generally declining jobless. What the fuck?!


NB: Our whanau has emigrated to Canada and I must confess to be somewhat disconnected from issues that once featured regularly on these pages which started as a an effort to catologue and collate miscellaneous data on the so-called Maori economy (which I remain highly dubious about).

I will shortly be setting up a new webpage to rationalise my various interweb contributions.

Simon Lambert

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