Thursday, February 11, 2016

Occupation Outlook: missing indicators?

The just released 'Occupation Outlooks Report' from MBIE scores jobs accoridng to three broad - but fundamental - criteria: income, fees (i.e., for education and training), and job prospects.

All good.

But out of curiosity, and in the interests of having a korero on suicide, how do the 'best' ranked jobs according to this government stack up in terms of mental health?

What I've done is found the NZ job dashboard score for each of the top ten jobs for suicide in the US (can't find equivalent data in Aoteroa - any clues to a reliable source?); the score below each figure is the rate above the national US average for suicide. Rough cut but interesting...

1.87 x average suicide rate


1.54 (this is the US figure; poor buggers are armed...)


                                            1.29 x average US suicide rate.

Of course, income and job prospects are no protection against mental health crises. I'm interested in the farmers of this country and how they look after themselves or how we as a society look after them. They're getting a lot of stick at the moment and it ain't helping...

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Latest Maori un/employment data...

NZ Labour Force survey data in from December 2015. Headline data is unemployment surprisingly down...

Labour participation data interesting...

While Maori unemployment is down (but still double figures) our participation in employment is 
declining. Pasifika participation well up, Pakeha up. The structure of the NZ economy seems to be favouring Pasifika participation - a rapid increase - over Maori and Pakeha. This says something about the type of jobs (service sector?).
Simon Lambert

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