Friday, October 02, 2015

Te Ture Whenau reform...

...process is screwed, natch.

Carwyn Jones notes this and more at...

Process always screwed, which is no excuse (and might be fundamental to rectifying ongoing confusiuon).

I think the key point Carwyn makes is the introduction of new terms, which I would take further and say the terms will naturally go through a period of being empty signifiers (and it might be a permanent state). 

Think of kaitiakitanga which is 'seen' (i.e., through the eyes and history of Pakeha via the courts) and can't but default to whatever iwi (authorities) say it is and manifest as what they 'do' on their own lands and waters.

Empowering devolution of internal Maori sovereignty down to hapu, marae and then whanau scales must be ultimate goal.

Doubt a reformed Act will answer that challenge.

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