Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dairy sector insights from ANZ...

Interesting report just out from ANZ, their 'Privately-owned Business Barometer' which included Maori dairy sector in their research...

While useful for the insights that a major NZ bank has into an significant part of our economy, I see a positive for the Maori dairy sector (which I am often a little cynical about;) as the ANZ find that 'the level of optimism expressed by farmers about the future of the dairy industry depended on how far into the future they looked' (p. 4). For our Maori dairy operators, many will have a much longer time frame for strategic thinking than Pakeha if the land being farmed is whanau or tribal land.

The report also finds an large number of respondents are incorporating environmental issues into their planning and management:

Unfortunately the report does not disaggregate Maori data from non-Maori (though I'm sure have a steadily growing portfolio of research on us!).

A copy of the report can be found here

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