Sunday, May 31, 2015

Changes afoot at FOMA...

The Federation of Maori Authorities (FOMA) is pledging to restore is financial health and look to 'key members' to support a three-year development programme and by paying more to the organisation it its goal of supporting Maori economic development.

FOMA Chair Traci Houpapa, said that unforseen legal costs of $200,000 through challenging the Crown Forest Rental Trust appointment process and the Ture Whenua Maori review, 'while both were important cases' were 'unplanned and not budgeted for'. This has hit the organisation's cash-flow.

I was at last year's AGM in my hometown of Whanganui and was struck by the low turnout - much lower than the Taupo AGM of a few years ago - and the decline in membership fees (i.e., less members).

I recall government (and FOMA) being highly critical of the Maori Council at the time [synopsis of the case here], mainly - it seems - because of the expense of court action.

As Te Kooti said:

... Ma Ta ture ano te ture e aki,” 

 Only the law can be pitted against the law...

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