Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Maori Research Funding: Nga Pae et alia

I see much viewing and the occasional comment on my last post on Nga Pae's non-short-listing for CoRE funding. There is also a press release from the Maori Party, which I've commented on via FB. [Note Bene: Nga Pae was represented on the Panel that was convened to frame the ongoing National Science Challenges].

Current concern and anger directed towards the government at this stage of the process is premature, at least until such time as their final decisions are announced.

There are plenty of rumours circulating about competing bids by Maori researchers for CoRE funding. If these bids exist - and I just hear stuff coated in kumara vine dust - and are subsequently unsuccessful, then we can raise merry hell. I've even heard rumours of Nga Pae Board members supporting competitive bids!

If the government is clever (HAHAHAHA), they will announce a new CORE for Maori research.

The research funding environment is political, competitive, fraught, and bound to disappoint the majority of participants. I don't like it, but I use to work on the killing chain at Tegal. I mainly slit turkey throats, and I was a vegetarian at the time :(

Trust me, most jobs are better than that...

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