Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Maori continuing to struggle in post-disaster Otautahi

CERA has released their third Wellbeing survey on Christchurch residents.

Results point to ongoing struggles against isolation, poverty and frustrations with the recovery for Maori individuals, whanau and communities.

For those more likely to say they have experienced stress always or most of the time (22% of respondents) are:

  • Living with a physical health condition or disability (34%)
  • Of Māori ethnicity (32%)

The report (available HERE) paints a picture of ongoing isolation and frustrationfor Maori. A third of all Maori respondents report ‘stress all or most of the time’!

One interesting piece of information is who people would look to for help...

I note the low ranking of 'Runanga' in this though of course what runanga would compare with aku hoa me te whanau!!

While not surprised at these results (which match what our own research is showing), I am disappointed at the lack of voice for our communities. 

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