Friday, March 28, 2014

Latest volume of the Lincoln Planning Review: International Indigenous Disaster Planning, Diamond Harbour case study, and Aranui Street names...

After some gestation the latest edition of the Lincoln Planning Review is released! Well done to Courtney Guise and others on getting this baby out :)

My contribution is a very modest column on last years International conference scene for Indigenous disaster planning, taking in the UN 4th global platform in Geneva and Kyoto's IGU which I have mentioned in previous posts.

Su Vallance has an article on The role of communities in post-disaster recovery planning: A Diamond Harbour case study, and HoD of Lincoln's Department of Environmental Management, Roy Montgomery, writes a facsinating piece on Aranui's Street name in The Aranui/Hampshire Paradox: Planning and the politics of street naming in Christchurch, New Zealand
So, dig in. Lots to digest and muse upon!

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