Thursday, March 06, 2014

CoRE Selection Panels...

As far as I can tell, this is the panel that would have deselected Nga Pae:

Social Sciences, Economics and Policy (SEP)

Including education; sociology; demography; Māori studies and New Zealand society; economics; policy development; and international relations.
Professor Jon AltmanThe Australian National University
Professor Manying IpThe University of Auckland
Professor Karen NeroUniversity of Otago
Professor Jason PottsRMIT University
Professor Lydia WeversVictoria University of Wellington
The assessment guidelines for the Selection Panels can be found here.
Full panel memberships here.

Again, as I've said on FB, this is not the final decision. If another proposal is still in play for Maori then what this would amount to is another institution to support Maori research and researchers. As I've said, this is not necessarily bad.

Of course there may be no new Maori CoRE. Which would be very bad...

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