Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New funding for Maori research at Lincoln University

Lincoln University has funding for two new projects.

The first is called 'People and pīngao: Weaving the Connections'. Historically, pīngao was a major component of sand dune vegetation across New Zealand and was used extensively by Māori for weaving bags (kete), hats (pōtae) and mats (whāriki), as well as a range of decorative items.

The plant, which is of great cultural and ecological significance to New Zealand, exhibits pronounced biological variation and is identified as a key indicator of biodiversity through its capacity to create an environment which allows for the establishment of other native species.

Headed by Dr. Hannah Buckley, I'm involved as an associate researcher. The project would suit a student at the end of their undergraduate or postgrad studies. Contact me at simon.lambert@lincoln.ac.nz for details.

Photo by Anna Wild (http://tearai.kete.net.nz/site/images/show/53-pingao-at-pacific-rd-entrance-te-arai)

The second is part of a MoBIE funded project 'Harmonisation of Communities and Ecosystems, looking to develop Community-based indicators for conservation. Focusing on possum and TB control, this project is explicitly interdisciplinary, and therefore could be of interest to students from a wide range of disciplines (social or natural sciences). The project will look at conservation initiatives across a range of outcome areas – ecological, social, cultural and economic. 

Key players in this project are:
·         CAPTB programme at the Centre for Wildlife Management and Conservation (CWMC)
o   Supervisory oversight and project collaboration from Helen Blackie, Shaun Ogilvie, Will Allen
o   Fees covered
o   Stipend of $14,000 (approximately $270/week)
o   Ngā Matapopore connection facilitated (Maori Advisory Committee)
·         Lincoln University
o   Supervision from Dr. Simon Lambert simon.lambert@lincoln.ac.nz
o   Departmental coverage of expenses ($2,000)

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