Thursday, January 02, 2014

n 1: Subaltern-speak

SO where do we sit or perhaps I should say, who do we run with...

n 1: Subaltern-speak

I remember the Auckland geographer, Dr. Coombes, avowing over beersies we as Indigenous peeps were NOT subalterns. I'm not so sure, or rather, why can't we identify with subalternity?!

This link is to a review of Vivek Chibber's Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital (Verso, published March 2013). I've argued for sometime now, on this blog that, 'cultural particularity does not get in the way of capitalism'. Thus are Maori 'allowed' to practice whatever customs do not restrict capitalist expansion, many of which acquire a certain quaintness and even commodity status...

Anyways, a post on Ngai Tahu's dairying ventures is still to come.

Nga mihi i te tau hou.

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