Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Maori as portrayed by the 2013 Census

A deliberate title as no census can 'capture' a people...

This is hows StatsNZ counts us:

Māori are counted in two ways in the New Zealand Census of Population and Dwellings: through ethnicity and through Māori descent. This publication covers both of these measures. Māori ethnicity and Māori descent are different concepts – ethnicity refers to cultural affiliation, while descent is about ancestry.
The Māori ethnic group population is made up of people who stated Māori as being their sole ethnic group, or one of several ethnic groups.
Māori descent refers to those people who are a descendent of a person of the Māori race of New Zealand. The Māori descent counts form the basis of iwi statistics.
In 2013:
  • 598,605 people identified with the Māori ethnic group
  • 668,724 people were of Māori descent. 

Which is less than I would've guessed (but of course 130,000 of us are in Ahitereiria!).

Some graphs I've just done quickly...no analysis.

Maori by region

Canterbury by ethnicity

Canterbury Maori by iwi (>500)

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