Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Maori Wellbeing in Otautahi: a commentary on the CERA survey

A survey of wellbeing undertaken by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA, click here) shows an alarming pattern of Maori suffering some of the worse effects on well-being of the 2011-12 earthquakes.

For example, those saying their quality of life has decreased since the earthquakes (54% of 2,300 respondents) are more likely to be:
·         Living in temporary housing (70%)
·         Of Māori ethnicity (68%)
·         Aged 35 to 49 (60%) or 50 to 64 (62%)

There's more, like those more likely to say they have experienced stress 'always or most of the time' (23% of respondents) includes a disproportionate number of Māori respondents (36%).

This remarkable result seems to have been ignored or has simply failed to get any traction. 

Our research - updated at http://www.lincoln.ac.nz/conversation/maori-resilience/ - is saying the same thing. 

I think the biggest challenge is to assert the plight of Nga Mata Waka in the new city. Ngai Tahu at least have had their mana whenua status affirmed in the Canterbury Earthgquake Recovery Act (enacted on Apriul 18th, just 4 weeks after the most damaging 22-2 event). Tautoko! But for the rest of us - and we'll know how many remain once the full census data is made available - we seem to have no official channels for what we use to call Taha Maori! 

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