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Google news alerts: 'Maori economy'

Latest pluckings from the ether...
The Maori economy was valued in 2010 at $37 billion. "Knowledge is key to our development. It's important that our Maori leaders have access to international ...
A conference on Maori industry will consider adopting an Icelandic fishing model here that could boost New Zealand's economy. It's one of several talking points ...
Waka Maori surges forward into the future Scoop.co.nz (press release)
“Our Māori economy is booming, conservatively valued at $38 billion and growing and economists have forecast an extra twelve billion dollars in GDP per ...

As a primer (and I've posted on this before), this Maori economy (as modeled by BERL) is estimated to have an asset base of in 2010 Maori of at least $NZ36.9 billion, comprising:
•     $5.4bn of assets attributable to the enterprises of nearly 12,920 Maori self- employed.
•     $20.8bn of assets attributable to the enterprises of 5,690 Maori employers.
•     $10.6bn of assets of Maori Trusts, Incorporations, Organisations, Boards, PSGEs, MIOs and Iwi/Rünanga holding companies.

Soooo under a third of this economy is regularly discussed, as by Minister Sharples in San Francisco this week for the Amerika's Cup. All well and good BUT the bulk of this economy is owned and operated by self-employed Maori and Maori employers who may well require different policies to the Maori Trusts et al. who are primarily within the primary sector.

Their concerns do not seem to be the concerns of Maori economic discourse.

Item 2 is interesting for the poor results Maori fisheries have netted (groan...) in the past year with the failed Argentinian JV.

As ther great Reggae singer Jimmy Cliff sang, 'I got a hard road to travel, and a long long way to go...'

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