Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Maori and Inflation: reviewing the CPI

Haven't posted in too long, away conferencing, learning, teaching, chairing, beering observing, reading, wondering. Posted one photo, a temple pathway, a shot of sunlight through the old trees onto a small shelter near a stream that trickled downhill, a strange bird (strange to me, passe to the trees?) called unseen.

Had wanted to post on the review of the Consumer Price Index, which'll shine a little light on differences across Aotearoa/NZ. Here we focus on Maori; check the graph from a Discussion Paper...

New Zealand Expenditure weights for households classified by ethnic group (Stats NZ http://www.stats.govt.nz/browse_for_stats/economic_indicators/CPI_inflation/2013-cpi-review-advisory-committee.aspx#background

SO the estimated expenditure weights for Māori households were higher than for all households for:

• housing and household utilities
• alcoholic beverages and tobacco
• food.

The estimated expenditure weights for Māori households were lower than for all households for:
• household contents and services
• transport
• recreation and culture
• miscellaneous goods and services
• health.

For Stats NZ there is 'no consistent pattern'. Hmmm, perhaps not. But given the differences, what policy improves our lot?

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