Monday, June 10, 2013

What's the Google say...

I receive Google news updates on Maori and Indigenous 'economy' releases, a clumsy and coarse way to keep up-to-date but not without its insights...

The first item chills the blood. Morgan Godfrey posted on the debate in Parliament on this...

Sharples counting on trickle down for growth
He says Dr Sharples is advocating a trickle down approach to growing the Māori economy knowing that approach has been tried and failed.
Maori Party 'has no plan for higher incomes and better jobs'
"The Minister went as far as to support National's "trickle-down" approach to growing the economy. Maori know full-well that that approach has been tried ...
Maori Party supports Living Wage campaign
The Maori Party has called on Government departments to support the Living ... of the strategy to turn around our economy, and to boost business and jobs.
Challenges remain for New Zealand economy: OECD
Channel News Asia
New Zealand's economy is beginning to gather momentum but "substantial" ... for the large Maori and Pacific minorities to reduce social disparities.

In many ways the various and ongoing debates on Racism in this country fail to engage in this structural flaw in Maori Party thinking. And of all countries, Aotearoa/NZ has the timeline on the last 20 years of trickle-down economics.

(oh, it doesn't work).

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