Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Racism Down Under

I flew out of Brisbane after watching an interesting media dissection of racism...(What I found interesting was the absence of Aboriginal input. Were they not asked, or did they decline?).

...into another debate on this side of the Tasman:

No shortage of Maori commentators of course and this delineates our two countries, echoing the absence of Aboriginal input into the ANZ Disaster and Emergency management conference I was attending in Brisbane...

For the record, I think Aotearoa/NZ is
1. Racist;
2. MORE racist than its was 10 years ago;
3. INCREASINGLY racist, with no end in sight.

What is so distressing is that it remains painfully difficult to BE Maori in the homeland of Maori, and that those who could ease (without solving) this (John Key, Susan Devoy) are so dreadfully clumsy and remarkably ignorant.

White privilege: be as dumb and as useless as you like, it won't lead to your dismissal. Might even lead to a promotion...

And what scares me is the lack of Pakeha leadership on the horizon, from both public and private sectors.

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