Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Maori Poverty 2: 'Cheaper to let Maori children die...'

A study by Clair Mills,  Rhema Vaithianathan and Paparangi Reid show the dire state of Maori health. In brief...

•  15,376 ‘excess’ avoidable hospital admissions for Māori children during the period 2003 to 2007;
•  36% of hospitalisations classified as ‘potentially avoidable’;
•  Tamariki Māori accessed GP consultations at a lower rate than non-Māori;
•  Pharmaceutical claims for non-Māori children were 15 % higher, with non-Māori laboratory claims  55% higher than Māori;
•  ACC claims for Māori children 32% lower than non-Māori, and median cost lower;
•  Specialist outpatient visits by Māori children 86% lower than those of non-Māori children.

Frightening, and shameful. 

Of course the Star Sunday Times opening sentence is designed to garner a response, begging the question why it hasn't received more attention, but reinforcing the NZCCSS study that shows Maori and Pasifika communities shoulder a disproportionate load in rebalancing the country's books. 

Considering the study was for the years prior to the current economic malaise, we're going to be more frightened, and more ashamed.

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