Sunday, July 08, 2012

Maori Economy Googled...

Haven't posted an Google Alerts on the Maori economy lately...still a very patchy feed anyway. here's some random stuff:

Big ups to Huia Publishers...I recall a time when it was possible to own and read every book on, by, about Maori. Now, forgedditaboutit!

Huia Publishers – Celebrating 21 years in Publishing
... throwing its long shadow over the New Zealand economy and still being in ... Even more so when your business is a Māori business publishing books about ...
Blue-collar classes persecuted those below them
Otago Daily Times
It has long been the lot of women, Maori and Pacific workers to hold this status on the economy's"reserve bench". Cibele Locke in Workers in the Margins ...
Bryan Gould: Maori leaders have the right idea
New Zealand Herald
... shaky mast because the failure of an economy still mired in recession to ... so that they can hold the assets in trust for future generations of Maori.
Another Crown Minister bragging about how they treat the natives here...
Opening address to the Rio+20 Summit
... the Treaty of Waitangi has created a special partnership between the government and Maori...New Zealand sees a green economy as a driver of economic...

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