Wednesday, June 13, 2012

He aitua ... RIP Elinor Ostrom

I just remarked to a friend the other day that you know you're getting old when a famous rockstar - famous across the times you've lived - dies and you know they're dead as soon as you see their name in a news headline.

And so Elinor Ostrom takes her leave.

She spoke at last years 'Sharing the Power' conference in Whakatane. For those not familiar with the korero on the 'Whakatane' and Wairaka (who saved one of my waka), track it down as it is worthy of weaving about the achievements of Elinor.

Anyways, a picture, and some comments.
Aroha Mead and Elinor Ostrom, Sharing the Stage/Sharing the Power, Whakatane, 2011
Elinor is the only wahine to have won a Nobel in Economics in 2009 (yes, I know that there technically isn't a Nobel in economics, a korero that serves to prove my point).

Our conception of Re-Indigenising Humanity (which we presented at SoP) embodies exactly those economic concepts articulated by Elinor. While a simple click through will enlighten, I offer again our approach which is grounded in Indigenous approaches while accepting great value in the approaches of non-Indigenous peoples (we are all so interconnected that pretending otherwise seems intellectually inept...)

Ultimately, the one thing we have in common is being indigenous to this planet. Therefore, we seek to:
  • Re-establish holistic interpretations of life processes.
  • Re-focus our relationships with each other and our surrounding lifeworlds.
  • Support like-minded individuals and communities.
  • Work towards the practical implementation of what we learn.

Just as Wairaka saved Mataatua, Elinor is one of those who has dedicated her life and work to saving Spaceship Earth. She will continue to inspire from beyond the grave. Nice.  

(RIP Teofilo Stevenson too)

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