Thursday, May 17, 2012

The GC still shines for Maori

I caught a little of episode three of 'The GC' last night and thought some reinterpretation is needed, given the crap review by someone at Fairfax.

Why crap?

Well, the reviewer mocked their looks (universally above average, although ugly people only make it on tv as bad guys), their lifestyle (it's a beach and bar town), and their interactions ('Neph!' 'Where's the aunties', 'Leave the mumsies at home') but somehow missed what was screaming its presence: wealth.

These are a bunch of young Maori who've come from Gisbourne, Lower Hutt and so on ... check the stats for Maori unemployment. And now, as scaffolders, they can earn enough money to purchase property, and the personal trainer is opening his own gym.

Tame who comes in for the most vitriol because of his (edited) self-centred world of body and booty, waxed lyrical about his parents and how he was building his portfolio (six propertiers, six!) in honour of them.

Okay, it's all relative and I think the Aussie economy is tanking (in which case property will crash first).

But what do you think our rangatahi see when they watch this?

They see 'Once was poor' whanaunga living a lifestyle they don't have to dream about. They can pack their bags and jandals and get a one-way ticket to the Gold Coast.

We recently interviewed several whanau who have left Otautahi because of the earthquakes. They're doing very nicely thank you, the earthquakes were just the trigger - most had considered leaving for Oz for many years.

Go the GC.

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