Monday, April 02, 2012

Maori economy updates: more and more goes the doey?

Flicking through the Google alerts on 'Maori economy' says an increasingly common reference to the so-called Māori economy in both mainstream New Zealand and Māori media, with Māori ventures posited to both grow the national economic pie and give Māori a bigger slice of ‘NZ Inc.’ But the growth of this economy correlates with the persistence of many poverty indicators for Māori, and the rapid expansion and intensification of resource use does so against ever stronger environmental and social pressures. Is this economy a myth, or is it merely broken?

But the wider global financial crisis (oh, it has its own acronym: GFC) has thrown economic orthodoxy on its head. While this latest collapse was something Indigenous Peoples (and others) predicted, they must still deal with the consequences of dynamic interconnections between local aspirations and regional and global forces from positions of marginality. Is it still feasible to speak of distinct Indigenous economies in the midst of such complexity? 

I'm working on a paper that will review the literature on the Māori economy. I see a peculiar schism where Western academia is ‘getting culture’ while Indigenous communities are ‘getting economics’. 

First of three hui held on boosting Maori economy
Radio New Zealand
The Maori Economic Development Panel has held the first of three open hui in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch, as part of its brief to find ways of ...
Good attendance for first hui
Radio New Zealand
Maori Economic Development Panel Chairman Ngahiwi Tomoana says attendance at the first of three public hui to discuss ways of improving the Maori economy...
Workshop to link businesses with science and technology
Radio New Zealand
Business and Economic Research Limited (BERL) has forecast that the adoption of science and innovation by Maori businesses could add $12 billion to the ...
Property Council appoints new President
“My appointment recognises the significant role that the Maori economy now plays in New Zealand, particularly in the property sector,” said Mr Sewell.
Twisted economic logic for jails
New Zealand Herald
His concern for the economic impact on the local community reminded me of ... in the case ofMaori, housed a disproportionate number of their own people.
Class ratios really about the money
New Zealand Herald
Three out of 10 leave school without NCEA 2, including half of all Maori ... Compared with most other developed countries, students' socio-economic ...

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