Monday, March 19, 2012

Maori Economy Updates...

Latest from Google alerts. I'm wary and increasingly weary when this so-called economy is pitched as the 'dynamic engine-room of the national economy'. Means our land, waters and resources are on the radar yet again, and not for our benefit.

Iwi organisations boost Maori economy - panel
Radio New Zealand
The Maori Economic Development Panel says the responsibility for substantially boosting the Maori economy, currently worth $37 billion, doesn't just lie ...
Submissions sought on Maori economic document
Radio New Zealand
The Government appointed panel charged with developing a national economic strategy and action plan for Maori, is seeking submissions on a discussion ...
No word on fish farm revival plan
Northern Advocate
Mr Yates said the Maori economy had become the dynamic engine-room of the national economy and he asked whether the Parengarenga Inc trustees had presented ...
Port workers' whanau add economic value
Maori Party Co-leader and MP for Tamaki Makaurau, Dr Pita Sharples, called for the ... to the Auckland council and the regional economy," said Dr Sharples.
Mayor calls for minds to open on mining matters
Bay Chronicle
"In West Australia, where many of our young people have gone, 77 percent of the economy is mining based. Maori groups, who are keen to get their young ...

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