Saturday, March 17, 2012

A la Recherche du temps Holocaust

Somewhat taken aback by the rapid growth in hits on my recent posting on the terminology of Taranaki colonisation history and the use of the word 'holocaust', I've since been reading on the life and times of one Claude Lanzmann.

Among various exploits which include fighting in the French Resistance and shagging Simone de Beauvoir (mind you, a big club, de Beauvoir that is) he's going down in history for his film, Shoah, 9 1/2 hours of taped interviews of holocaust survivors, witnesses, perpetrators, and neighbours.

'Shoah' is what the Jews call the Holocaust, Shoah being their word for their experience, opening or at least leaving 'holocaust' for others such as Taranaki Maori. Just a thought.

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