Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Treaty partners position already decided?

Seems the government wanted no mention of any Treaty clause attached to the sale of bits of Aotearoa/NZ...

A draft document posted online for a few minutes showed someone in the government is not that keen on adhering to any sort of obligations to the Treaty.

Two things.

First, these sorts of blunders do nothing to reassure me the government is actually a competent manager of this country.

Second, if the words of John Key, Bill English and others mean little given their actions in this instance, what do their words mean in other instances?

I do think it a bit rich that new Labour leader David Shearer is castigating John Key that  'so-called consultation has now been exposed as a sham.' It was, among other concerns, Labour's lack of consultation over the Foreshore and Seabed that saw the formation of the Maori Party and loss of the admittedly threadbare relationship between Labour and Maori.

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