Monday, January 30, 2012

Maori economy via Google alert

Two weeks ago I availed myself of weekly auto-updates through Google's news trawling abilities, using the key terms 'Maori economy' and 'Indigenous economies'. Thus far I've had just one update on the Maori economy, and that an old item on BNZ's appointment of a Maori business manager (that I posted on awhile ago). This is despite several Maori trusts being involved in Michael Fay's abortive attempt to purchase the Crafar farms and other activities around Maori cultural political economies.

Somethings wrong, or something may be right.

First, mainstream media undoubtedly doesn't have great interest or wherewithal to follow and report what is going on under any general labeling of 'Maori economic activities' (a wide sphere through any intelligent approach).

But second, few Maori ventures make a big song and dance about their work. On the contrary, the more successful, the less they seem to say! Of course, the less they have to say...

Here's the latest Google alert:

Symposium to focus on leadership within Maori Business Maori News & Views
The simultaneous growth in the size of the Maori economy combined with the ongoing need to address social issues puts pressure on existing leadership and ...
Key's speech upsets Maori affairs minister
Mr Key's speech ranged from the economy to welfare, health and education and Dr Sharples, who holds ministerial portfolios including Maori affairs, ...
Sharples disappointed at 'obvious omissions' from PM's speech
Maori Party Co-leader Dr Pita Sharples is disappointed at the obvious omissions ... exclusively about the economy and budgetary matters," said Dr Sharples.
Exclusion irritates Chamber of Commerce
Otago Daily Times
"We want to understand Maori views before we take final decisions. ... David Parker said the Government's low expectations for the New Zealand economy, ...
Maori name changes on the cards in settlement
An eventual collective settlement will include Maori guardianship of Ninety Mile Beach, ... "It will be a shot in the arm for the economy.

Perhaps we're still gearing up for 2012.

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