Monday, December 05, 2011

Is the Ozzie economy buggered?

Maybe. Our neighbours have had a relatively good time of it lately, dragging wealth from the earth as fast as they can hire people to work the diggers.

But times they are a changin'. Latest housing market data shows the circus is perhaps coming to an end. Just like the rest of west, Ozzie has experienced a property bubble. And as pretty as bubbles are, they always burst.


It wasn't that long ago that the PM was reassuring the country that Aotearoa/NZ was quite safe from this global economic downturn as we were hitched to the booming economies of Australia and China.
So, what now?

I've added a weblink in the sidebar that takes us to macro-economic data from Oz... Also, I'm hoping to head over to Oz soon (interviewing whanau refugees, a term that may need amending). Nothing like a few beers in a few urban bars to get they lay of the financial land.. The West Island has been a sanctuary for Maori for many years now. (Hohepa Kereopa has a nice korero about working in the outback, recorded in the Paul Moon's biography). If not there, and the UK and US are tight, can we hope to work in Asia? Not the jobs we've been used, that's for sure!