Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Maori Economy, latest findings

BERL have release the latest (2010) version of the Maori economy. Weighing in at a hefty $36,897 million, let's round it up to a lazy $37 billion.

Given the Maori economy is supposed to both grow the pie and give Maori a bigger slice, here's a pie chart!

This includes Maori who are self-employed or employers, perhaps a little loose as it delineates Maori as economic players from those Pakeha whom they play with with! Factoring out these two groups we have the following, made up of Maori baords, trusts, incorporations etc.

There's a lot going on in all this. From the last big report (TPK, 2008) the share of the primary sector has, for boards and trusts, gone up from 52% to 55%, although there is undoubtedly more diversity across the entire Maori society. Still, as I've said before, this economy is disconnected from much Maori society as portrayed in the worsening employment figures (over 16% unemployment, 30% for youth and hitting 65% in areas such as Tai Tokerau).

Look for ongoing regurgitation of the figure 37 billion for a Maori economy. But don't look for any improvement in Maori employment...

Nice pic from Laurence Aberhart, Kiwi photographer: Ravensbourne, Dunedin.

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