Friday, June 17, 2011

Innovation in New Zealand

Monday, Tuesday this week I was at the International Conference on Invention, Innovation and Commercialisation at the Sudima Hotel, Chirstchurch. Presented my research on the second day, the details of which are in our report, The socio-technical networks of technology users' innovation: a fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis.

Highlights for me were the TUI peeps themselves whose stories are inspiring, scary and enlightening. Also enjoyed Enrico Tronchin's presentation on Disruptive innovation for sustained economic growth: Why New Zealand’s innovation system should be open, distributed and inclusive of innovative users, and Manthyan Janodia's paper on Generating innovation in developing countries: policy formulation and its implications'. Manthan gave some fascinating insight into Indian innovation, check out the website. Products include an amphibious bicycle...

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