Thursday, January 06, 2011

Latest musings on (original) Maori migration

Just when it seemed safe to go back in the water...

Recent and ongoing research into just exactly when Maori arrived here in Aotearoa/New Zealand provided a little lite relief over the traditional Summer Shutdown here. Only a few of the usual Maori commentariat could be bothered responding, and by responding I mean dissing Paul Moon's rather strange comments that this would reopen a number of Waitangi claims as it threatens recorded versions of whakapapa, history and occupation. Um, well, probably not but hey, its summertime. Personally, I preferred it when we were the 13th (and lost) tribe of Israel.

Anyways, plenty of others have bagged Moon, so check them out. I just marvel at his luck in Hohepa Kereopa talk to him at length...

Moon and Margaret Mutu, TV1 debate

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