Sunday, August 15, 2010

Matauranga Maori: methodological musings...

We recently hosted Charles Royal at Lincoln University, albeit briefly. At an informal kai and nibbles Charles gave those staff present an interpretation of Matauranga Maori (see also this presentation from a conference in 2006).

For Charles the principle approach of MM is that of 'tatai': two things come together, producing a third. Now this approach is easily recognisable as akin to other relational methodologies, a la Marx, and the Actor-Network theorists such as Bruno Latour. This marks a significant divergence from those methodologies that elevate individual and therefore isolated analytical units, for example the rational all-knowing consumers of neoliberalism.

The challenge remains to identify those actants relevant to Maori, trace their travels and travails and actual begin to do something to increase the number of beneficial outcomes and avoid, remedy or mitigate the negative outcomes (acknowledging we're still in the midst of debating what they might be).

Graham Smith has also published and presented widely on the methodological history and implications of matauranga Maori.

Other sites...
See this site - Rangahau - for a great collection of Matauranga Maori practitioners.

Also this post on 'Badiou, Extension and Networks...'

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