Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Whenua Conference

Really enjoyed the just done Whenua Conference, Rotorua, 21-23 July at the Distinction Hotel. Good keynote speakers although must say I'm tired of the 'we are unique' spiel that the Minister of Maori Affairs trotted out (We're the only Indigenous minority who are marginalised, undereducated, suffering poor health, subject to ongoing racism and ... well we're not. Ay...).

Anyways, I presented on the opportunities for Halal branding for Maori, a project I'm squirreling away on with a couple of contacts at Lincoln and in Malaysia. More later...

As for the future of Maori agribusiness, am I the only one whose noticed any society that pins its economy to agriculture suffers declining relative wealth? And are there any ecologists not in the pay of the dairy sector who think dairying is sustainable? And with the growth in robotics in agriculture, where are the jobs for our youth? (Okay, in computing and engineering but we're not exactly getting numbers through). And how many Maori agrifood ventures are in profit. Real profit. Just a few minor points, don't wanna piss on anyone's parade. Not yet anyway ay.

Loved the skewering of Carbon Credit Forestry ... nothing more testing than a Maori audience. Word to the wise: the answer 'You can find them on the internet' is not a good one for the question 'Where are these carbon traders?' Chur...

As for my boys, Bruno (left) wants to be a copper, Whiti (right) wants to make movies and be an actor. Well, lest they don't wanna do a PhD!

Maori boys on the farm?

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