Saturday, January 16, 2010

Maori farming and it even a word?!

Corporate farming is here to stay...

Of course this would only be a surprise to those who think Maori farming is stuck back in the day off hand-milking (by the tamriki's before they walked ten miles to the one-room school...oh, jumping cow-pat to steaming cow-pat on frost-bitten days!).

No, she's big business now. Hard to figure out which Trust is involved in these discussions...probably one of the bigger boys in the North Island...

Covered by a few news orgs:
TV3 (love the trenchant racist comments - how dare Maori look to enagge in global capitalism!)


Interesting pick-up from Landgrab who raise some good issues, and within a wider context of concerns about "contains mainly news reports about the global rush to buy up or lease farmlands abroad as a strategy to secure basic food supplies or simply for profit." Its purpose is to serve as "a resource for those monitoring or researching the issue, particularly social activists, non-government organisations and journalists."

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