Saturday, January 16, 2010

Maori land occupation

Ngati Kahu's land dispute continues with privately held land at Taipa being 'blockaded'. href="

View Larger Map">Taipa.

Private land is excluded from Treaty negotiations. An 'Agreement in Principle' has been signed with the Crown. The iwi has a very good website for those wanting to delve in a little more (note that some documents and data are held for iwi members only).

A very good book on the iwi and their history was published recently: Mutu, Margaret and McCully Matiu, 2003. Te Whänau Moana - Ngä kaupapa me ngä tikanga - Customs and protocols. (Auckland, Reed Publishing).

Prof. Margaret Mutu is one of the authors and key negotiator in her peoples land claim.

Professor Mutu was a peer reviewer for the infamous Maori theme of the Bioprotection Research Centre (then called the National Centre for Advanced Bioprotection Technologies) on which I blogged back in 2004 I think. Funny days...

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