Friday, May 02, 2008

Maori Eco-Politics

Given it's been three years since I left the National Centre for Advanced Bioprotection Technologies, plus my new interests in customary fisheries, it's perhaps time to re-kink this page with a term more in keeping with my focus...hence the new 'Ecopolitics' label above. Surprisingly, this term is not common. It lacks a Wiki entry, unlike its more popular older sibling, 'Biopolitcs'), yet I consider it more accurate than the 'biopower' of Foucault. As for defining the term, it is not that different from how I defined Maori eco-cultural resilience, namely the culture-specific logics by which Maori co-exist with our environment. This environment is physically more extensive and systemically more complex than what had been experienced by our tipuna prior to Contact. I always consider the political-economic and institutional contexts of our resilience within the purvey of bioprotection (unlike my natural science colleagues of the CoRE). That acknowledgement is perhaps more explicit in the term Eco-Politics. Lets wait and see...

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