Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Better Spring and Summer!

So far a much better growing season here in Christchurch, as Jeff's Weather page shows.

Kamo kamo in front, kaanga behind (with a few scarlet runner beans trailing up).

Our kamo kamo are fruiting nicely, no hue this year (it takes up too much space for something primarily of novelty value). Taewa growing very well, except for the tutaekuri which which are afflicted by a virus.

Taewa, from lest to right, huakaroro, karuparera. Tunnel house tomotoes in the background...

One plug I have to put in is for Gordy's Flytrap. We bought one at the A&P show and as you can see, have collected 5 litres of flys in two months.

I see that the most popular page from this collection is the bibliography from my phd thesis (submitted in August with examination still to be arranged). I'll post the final version of my reference list shortly...the annotation intention slipped away somewhat...and hope it will be of some help to others.

Scarlet runner beans trailing up what was my grandfathers tractor steeringwheel.

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