Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tahuri Whenua AGM, Parewahawaha, September 8th

This years AGM was held at Parewahawaha marae, Bulls, on September 8th on a beautiful clear spring day. With no elections this year (committee members are now elected to two year terms), the agenda was dominated by the chairman's report from Nick and a presentation on a the latest food technology experiment with our taewa. This saw three varieties of taewa (tutaekuri, moemoe and karuparera; a 'standard' variety, nadine, was also used) extruded, or puffed, much like rice bubbles. The general consensus was, surprise, surprise, that they needed salt! Conversely, sugar could be added to make a breakfast cereal. At this stage the venture is in a very early stage, really just experimenting with the all-important added value opportunities. In the picture below are the samples.

A wonderful kai which included titi (muttonbirds, a delicacy for some although not this vegetarian...) was enjoyed by the roopu, and we all caught up with growing ventures, hui and politics. Interestingly, NIWA's aquaculture roadshow was mentioned by one kuia who thought it extraordinary, for all the wrong reasons...

A wonderful quiet moment occurred when Uncles Jim and Pita dug out a sample of local harakeke for Piki Winitana.

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