Sunday, December 03, 2006

Spring planting...

Spring this year has been windier and wetter than usual. Jeff Northcote provides some good daily data as well as a spring summary. My early plantings of kamo kamo have struggled - one plant even looking diseased - so I've resown several pottles under glass (well, perspex), some of which will go to Verne Pere who's going to attempt to grow kamo kamo in pots and train the buggers along a wall.

At least we've been enjoying strawberries fopr the last two weeks, first from a pot on the verandah, and lately from several new plants I put in this winter.

Tahuri Whenua has just posted a report to the Sustainable Farming Fund who have funded some of our mahi. The AGM held in September saw a good turnout enter some interesting discussion on Intellectual Property. One change to the constitution saw committee members elected to serve two years. Nick Roskruge remains chairman, Moana Puha Deputy 'Dawg', Mataroa Frew is the new secretary - Kia ora e whae!; Marie Russell treasurer; and Simon Walsh comes onto the committee while still operating as Promotions Manager, along with Richard Hunter and yours truly.
Simon Lambert

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