Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Whakatupua oranga o nga kai-a-Rongo

Change has belatedly come to the 'Matauranga Maori' theme at the National Centre for Advanced Bioprotection Technologies. Nick Roskruge is now supervising a small project on taewa, running three experimental sites to ascertain the agronomic qualities of three varieties, including their pathogens.

A second project has seen Te Ari Prendergast employed to continue the Indigenous Knowledge and agri-development project. Te Ari has the benefit of Dr. Shaun Ogilve's supervision and it is hoped they can resurrect the tarnished reputation of Lincoln and its so-called committment to Matauranga Maori. I've commented and presented on the farce that was Theme 4 at the NCABT, a research centre I was affiliated to (until being 'removed'...).
Simon Lambert

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