Saturday, December 10, 2005

Kamo Kamo, Sockburn, Spring 2005

Half a dozen kamo kamo i've grown from seeded given to me by Mataroa Frew, committee member of Tahuri Whenua. They don't seem to be common around Canterbury gardens with some suggestion we are too far south. They're growing very well so far, and with a long hot summer predicted, I'm hopeful of a good first crop.

On the right are huakaroro, grown from tubers given by Uncles Jim and Pita of the Tahuri Whenua kaumatua group. These are my favourite although I still have tutaekuri in the shed, and some wild sown stuff that is actually cluttering up the celery. Scarlet runner beans grown from self sown seed can just be seen flowering in the background.
Kia ora koutou!!

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