Monday, May 02, 2005

Fixing our Frogs...the process of elimination

Remember when they moved the wee endangered frogs down here to Canterbury? Well seems it ain't the fungus they original thought was responsible. A friend of mine, Mataroa Frew, first mentioned these tiny frogs (that's tiny as in little, not tinny as in C sativa...), she's from Waikato, one of only two places in the entire universe these fellas and fellesas live (okay, there's my alma mater's zoology department). On the department website there is a list of press releases and so on (little panicky about the PBRF aren't we?).

But seriously, how dangerous are these chemicals to things we hold dear (of course I have no evidence that 'We the People' hold these animals dear). This will undoubtedly get some coverage in the NZ press over the next week, which I'll duly post 'cos I like the wee frogs, despite having never laid eyes on one. Be nice to have the option...

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