Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Geographical indicators

I wrote a paper for last years Te Ohu Whenua conference, 'The Place of Place', that needs updating.

(A Geographical Indicators are place names (in some countries also words associated with a place) used to identify the origin and quality, reputation or other characteristics of products. “Champagne”, “Tequila” or “Roquefort” (the cheese) are classic examples.)

I missed the fact that NZ submitted a joint report on TRIPS (Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property...no the acronym doesn't add up as it were). Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, and the United States were the other countries. Here's a link through to a table (scroll down a tad) where the report (TN/IP/W/9)can be downloaded as a 56kb word document.

Don't forget that Aotearoa/New Zealand has a Geographical Indicators Act, written in 1996, but inactive until we comply with this, ie WTO, regulation.

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