Wednesday, June 02, 2004

June reading

Recently finished e.l. doctorow's 'City of God' (after a NYRB panui); currently working through a text on British anthropology, circa. 1922-1972 by Adam Kuper. I'll review both for Radio Whammo (96 something FM, term-time Thursday's around 12:30 pm...earlier reviews have been Jose Saramago's Baltasar and Blimunda).
Picked up a biography of Friedrich Hayek, by Alan Ebentstein (Von Hayek a more interesting character than critics have allowed) and six degress: the science of a connected age by Duncan Watts.
All my reading informs my research, but as to the actual trench-reading it's been back to food geography and quality stuff, needed to back up the upcoming presentations, namely

Matauranga Tuku Iho Tikanga Rangahau/ Traditional Knowledge and Research Ethics Conference, Te Papa, (Wellington) June 10-12.

Lincoln Post Graduates Conference, Lincoln University, June 28-29

Te Ohu Whenua, Massey University, July 8-9.

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